Inspiration for writing this book

Inspiration for my book started when we made a move to our new home.  The intricate events of the move somehow seemed magical.  I could not have imagined such incredible experiences. There appeared to be something much bigger than luck involved! Furthermore, when I reviewed the events, I started to see the relationships of events, timing, diversions and people showing up. There was something much bigger guiding my life than myself.  In fact, there seemed to be an underlying system of how things happened.

(definition: a system is made up of interdependent and interrelated parts that influence each other.

My background as a CPA and a practitioner of Chinese Medicine has given me experience in understanding systems. These two fields seem so unrelated, but for me, both of them are very similar in that they are based on systems. I work very well in systems, recognizing relationships, and how they fit into the bigger picture.)

After we found our new home, every part of this relocation just got better. We found a fitness center that fit exactly our needs, met incredible friends and found the help that was needed for finishing our home.  These experiences far exceeded any expectations we had.

I looked back over my life and found that I had been helped in so many ways throughout my life.  Sometimes I would have a vision of what I wanted, become focused and proceeded with action.  At other times I saw how disappointments took me in different directions and how help was magically there.  When I shared my stories with others, I found that they too had had the same types of experiences!  I knew I had stumbled onto something.

As time went on, I kept getting inspirations to write. All of a sudden, I would have to find a pencil and paper to write what was coming in. Pretty soon I realized I needed to put these ideas together into a book.  The result was this book describing our guidance and how it works uniquely with each of us. I believe, it has the potential to help you achieve your dreams, understand your messages and to gain peace and confidence in your life. There are many stories and exercises that are helping you in connecting and understanding your personal guidance.

The more you work with your guidance the stronger it becomes.  I know that this book would not have been possible with the help of my guidance.  So many amazing events happened during this writing, confirming that I was on the right path.  It is my hope that you will find the same help in your life.

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