Articles bring messages that creates successes!

Have you ever read an article that helped you or a loved one, when you least expected it? Did it seem to appear at just the right time? Did it inform you of something you were not searching for?  Success in many areas of our lives often originates from messages from our guidance.


This type of information, whether it comes from a magazine, a book, an email, or social media, can be considered a message especially when it positively influences your life.  When you step back and look at these types of experiences, it will amaze you how much information appears at the most opportune time. I have had this experience many times and I have come to recognize and know that this is my guidance helping me on my path.

So, what makes it a message?

      • First, the information you receive seems as if it comes out of the blue
      • Next, you have an undeniable feeling that this information just might be important.
      • And lastly, you weren’t looking for it, but there it is, staring at you, and you realize that you have just been handed information that might solve a problem.

Learning to follow your feelings is very important in working with your messages.  You may have learned to ignore your feelings in favor of following logic or someone else’s ideas.   So, it may take time to reconnect to your feelings, but it is well worth the effort to develop.  Play with them. Make time to explore and play with your feelings, and soon you’ll see that you have this guidance built right into you!


Your guidance gives you messages in a variety of ways. It will give you messages that are specific to you and in a manner that will resonate with you.  For example, if you like to read, articles and books may be one of the ways your guidance may choose to communicate with you. It may choose other ways such as animals, people, or dreams depending on your interests.  However, since you are reading this article, I’m sure that this is one of the ways your guidance has chosen to work with you!


I received this type of message just yesterday. As I was perusing Facebook, I ran across a post that explained how Chinese herbal medicine and science may not be in alignment.  As I read the article, it confirmed for me, what I have felt to be true.  I knew it was a message because I wasn’t looking for this information and I probably would not have searched it out.  But there it was!


This article helped to deepen my connection with herbs and my practice of Chinese Medicine and hopefully will help me to become a better practitioner.  The article pointed out how herbs have an impact on the human spirit, physical vigor and it’s even at times your willpower—and it is these attributes that are difficult to be measured in a test tube.


Start to notice how information that affects your life shows up. 


See how this information helps you in your job, relationships, and projects. We often refer to it as a “coincidence” or “luck,” however, there really are no coincidences!  For more information on your messages and guidance, please read my book Your Personal Guidance System,”where you learn what it is and how to work with it.  I know you won’t be disappointed as you discover the help that is always there waiting to assist you.

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