In the current situation of social distancing, many have lost physical contact with friends, family, and others.  This has created sadness and despair for many, while others have learned to connect in new ways.

I would like to ask you “How are you connecting?”  “Have you let it change your entire life for the worse?” Or, “Have you found ways to adapt?”

I believe that the universe is asking us to change.  Are you open and willing?

It’s important to understand “What are connections?” They are the links and associations that bind us to other things. For example, our experiences create bonds to people, animals, and objects, and our memories influence these relationships, for better or worse.

Since we are experiencing a change in how we connect and I would like to suggest a few ideas to help people.

First, a simple way of connecting I discovered was when we moved to a rural community. I was amazed to see how friendly the neighbors were.  As we drove down the road, people we didn’t know were acknowledging and waving at us. We didn’t know them, but here they were, greeting us in a friendly manner! This recognition felt pretty incredible!

Because of this, I started to do the same.  Not ‘knowing’ who the people are but knowing that they are somehow neighbors and are important. This practice has enriched my life immensely, especially during this period of time of isolation.

Another way to connect is when you go to the store, smile through your mask, and acknowledge the people you pass.  Often, a “Hello,” or “How’s your day going?” provides an easy connection. The conversation that ensues is sure to be pleasant and you’d be amazed at how this enriches your life. And just imagine what it does for the other person.  You never know what they are going through and how you just might have made their day.

Connecting with nature is another way to enrich your life.  This is often overlooked.  There are so many creatures and plants that are just waiting to be your friend.  For example, the tree that has always stood in front of your home, providing you shade and protection.  Stop for a moment and notice the branches and its’ shape.  Greet it, and wish it a good day. You just might see it smile back at you or bow in your honor.  Life is magical—just step into it and see!

Talk to the birds, the plants, the bugs.  They are all beings living in this world ready and willing to work with you. I am rarely lonely as I have many friends in nature.  They support me as I try to support them and the relationship is enchanting!

Change your perspective. A friend of mine who is a musician has been playing some gigs in our area, she states she is cautious with the virus but is also allowing herself to live!  She wears her mask when social distancing isn’t available and makes sure she takes good care of herself.  She connects with others while helping lift their moods through her music.

In this time of uncertainty, there are many opportunities to connect.  They may be different from what we know, but there is plenty of ways we can enhance our well-being and lives.

Opportunities in this disconnect!

      • Take time to mend a relationship. The distance can facilitate healing the relationship!
      • Reach out to someone you know or have heard that is in need. Just talk. It will enrich your life and theirs!
      • Connect with an animal—go to the humane society—volunteer.
      • Take an online class. Zoom allows you to connect with other people and possibly learn something new that expands your horizons.
      • Take a moment every day to notice all the good things that happened in your life that day. Things as simple as the sun shone brightly, can be one of your things to be grateful for.

As you find the courage to step into this new world, be grateful for all the things you learn and encounter.

Life is meant to be lived. 

Featured picture by Fabian Gieske,

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