We’ll explore some of the ways you can receive messages and discover the many forms of messengers. Some of your messages may be obvious while others will be more subtle. But every message you receive will be for your benefit. If you miss the first cues, your guidance will keep sending you stronger and stronger messages. Sometimes it might seem as if you have no support, but by really paying attention, you’ll be able to see the help is always available.

Once you become acquainted with your guidance system, you’ll learn: How to design your dreams and enjoy the process of making them come true and much more. I believe that life is meant to be lived fully and with the help of your guidance system, greater joy is possible. As you understand your dreams and work with your guidance, you’ll have the opportunity to have an amazing journey while here on earth.

As you begin to trust your guidance system, you’ll probably change the rules that you’ve been living by: Beginning to take risks in following your dreams and have opportunities to enrich your life tenfold.