What is a Personal Guidance System

Do you feel alone? Confused? Fearful?  If so, meet “Your Personal Guidance System.” In a new book by Joan Spencer, you will learn about your own unique guidance and how to work with it!

So, what exactly is a personal guidance system?  It is the help (guidance) that every person is connected with.  Similar to an auto navigation system it guides you on your journey.  Your guidance is also specific and unique to you (personal.) You may refer to this as your angels, guides, universe or god depending on your belief system.  At times you may not even be aware that it exists or you may even call it by a different name.

Your guidance is a “system” in that it has interrelated parts that interact with you and affect you in a variety of ways. One piece of this system is communication which is as simple as asking for help!  There are many moving parts to this system– all operating together to create guidance that is unique to you!  Hence—Your Personal Guidance System!

You may be familiar with some of the pieces but are you aware that it always operates for your highest good? Do you know that getting fired from a job just might guidance for you? Or, have considered that person you just met might be the perfect help you need and was brought to you by your guidance?  This system is always active and assisting you in ways you have not imagined. Often the help you receive is referred to as a coincidence, luck or synchronicity when in truth, it is more than likely the help of your personal guidance system!

Important pieces of this system include messages, interpretation of those messages and how you interact with your guidance.  I’ll briefly explain.

Messages are the ways your guidance communicates with you.  You receive messages as information in many forms.  For example, your messages may come to you in the form of a dream, a sixth sense, an event, people, and newspaper articles.   These types of messages and the help they provide, just might be overlooked or discounted due to disbelief or unawareness that it is help.

Interpreting your messages is yet another part of this system. Learning how your guidance communicates is just as important as the message. The message plus the circumstances will influence what the meaning is. Two people can receive the same message but the meaning can be quite different for each person.  For example, two people can be fired from a job. For one person, it is a message that they might need to relocate and for the other person, it may be a whole new career change is in order.  Both cases, it is a message, yet different meanings.  When receiving a message, you’ll find that the interpretation is unique to you!

Interacting with your guidance is an additional piece of the system.  How you might interact includes having a vision, asking, trusting and taking action.  These pieces are very important in creating a working relationship with your personal guidance.   For example, if you’re not taking action after you ask for help, it is very possible that the help you receive may be weak to non-existent.  Why? Because your guidance is your partner where you work together to create your dreams. No action can often equal no help, however, your action can be as simple as expecting to receive answers!

These are some of the parts of the incredible guidance that each and every one of us has! For more information please refer to my book: “Your Personal Guidance System”, I lay out the various pieces of your guidance so that you can confidently create your life.

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