Attachment Challenges & Opportunities

Are you ignoring warning signs that are causing you grief?  Are your goals becoming a burden? It may be your focus: the end result or the journey. Here are 10 signs you may be ignoring and 10 easy ways to start enjoying your life.

Attachment to an end result may be what is causing you to not hear the messages the universe is sending to you.  You tend to charge forward ignoring warning signs figuring “you know what you are doing” when you are attached.

Whatever it is, it may be time to look and evaluate whether you are attached to a goal or even a way of doing something. “Narrowly focusing” on a goal happens when your goal is all that you see.  We become intent on our goal, that we ignore the obvious signs that are posted along our journey.

When this happens, it can be difficult to keep yourself moving in a fluid and easy manner. I know I often forget that the day to day journey is the most fun aspect of any goal or vision. I have to remind myself to enjoy the journey when I find that completing a project seems to be difficult or hard. I then remember that I just might be attached to the end result.  Here are definitions of attachment that make it evident the constraining aspects of holding onto something.

Attachment is the feeling that binds an individual to a person, thing, cause, or ideal.

Bindsto confine, restrain, or restrict

If you think you might be attached to something, answer the following questions.

  1. Do you find yourself believing you know exactly how and what you need to do to accomplish something?
  2. Are most of your goals outlined in specific, detailed instructions?
  3. Are you resistant to doing anything that might take you in a different direction?
  4. When things don’t go as planned, do you get angry?
  5. Do you worry about every detail, rehashing things in your head?
  6. Do you discount advice that might be contrary to what you think should happen?
  7. Have you ever wondered that you might not be going in the right direction, but you continue to persist in going forward?
  8. Does your gut scream at you, yet you ignore it?
  9. Do you find that each step of the way seems like a burden?
  10. Do you forge ahead even when your heart is telling you differently?
  11. Do you feel you must complete the project or goal of your?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are you are attached. You may be entrenched in doing something your way even when obstacles show up.  This often creates anxiety, worry and fear.

In the end, you may achieve your goal, but somehow it may prove to be more stressful than it needed to be. It may also feel unsatisfying, creating the desire to accomplish another end result!  A vicious circle of chasing accomplishment after accomplishment vs. enjoying the journey.

Is it possible to enjoy the journey and still work towards your goals? Yes, in fact, it is the way life should be!! Being focused on your vision yet detached from your objective requires you, the dreamer, to approach your journey with a willing heart and a flexible travel schedule. This may seem challenging at times, but the rewards are innumerable. When you trust your guidance, you won’t be upset by unexpected detours or an occasional change of plans.  You start to understand that there is value in these detours. It is just part of growing, learning and enriching your life.

Below are some ideas to help you enjoy your journey.

  1. At the end of each day look back on the events and gifts that happened that day. Be thankful for all that you received. Remember it is the small steps and gifts that prove to be the most rewarding.
  2. Based on messages and events that you receive, consider if change is in order.
  3. Take some time to look at what is motivating you? Are you pushing through things?  Are you fighting every step of the way?  What is behind this?
  4. Are you trying to prove something or is it to create a different and better life for you or others?
  5. When things don’t go as planned—create a new plan—listen to the messages and heed them. Learn, change and grow!
  6. Change your perspective of the “bad” events. Ask yourself what is the opportunity? How can this benefit me?  What can I learn? At times it may even be that you go in a different direction or change the goal.
  7. Allow flexibility in your plans. Be willing to change your direction when needed. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you were enjoying, learning and growing throughout the process?
  8. When mistakes happen see the opportunity in each of them.
  9. Know that delays in moving forward is often what they call divine timing. It just might not be the most opportune time to finish your goal.
  10. Learn from life. It is the best teacher!  Embrace it and find your path.

The rewards are many: confidence, peace of mind, daily laughter and joy, calmness, loving life!

What do you choose? Stress and worry or peace of mind and joy? It’s Your Choice!

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