8 Benefits of Kindness & Helping Others

At this time in the world where there is a lot of uncertainty, being kind and considerate of others is very important. When you can lend a helping hand to someone, it can ease anxiety and worry, creating a better place for everyone.

Do you remember a situation when you surprised someone with something special for them? How did you feel?  How did they feel?  This state of connection and joy that you experienced, decreases worries, anxiety, and fear.  These emotions reduce and “go out the window”—at least for a while. Now imagine, feeling this way all the time.  All it takes is kindness towards another being—animal, plant, or human to create this.

What is even better is that everyone wins!!  It is a win-win situation.

Here are 8 Ways You Win with Kindness!

      1. It can help reduce depression Remember the last time you did something nice for someone? How did it make you feel?  A sense of Joy? Peace? Satisfaction? Sadness disappears.
      2. It deepens your ties with others and you gain new friends.  A bond is formed when someone is helped by another person.  Think about your friends and those that have helped you and the bond you developed.  Isn’t your tie to them deeper than those who are acquaintances?
      3. When you help another person, you gain self-confidence. Your character grows which helps you as you traverse the world.
      4. Increases positive energy for you, the person you help, and the world! All parties benefit! Being kind to others—enriches your life as you see the joy in others.  It enriches their life, so now you have 2 positive energies in the world which can go out and create more positive energy. Remember how a smile creates another smile?  Kindness creates Kindness!
      5. Being of service to others fills your heart and soul with a sense of joy and satisfaction. It gives you experiences to learn by and understand life.
      6. Volunteering helps builds community, social ties and creates new friends. You find new friends who have the same interest vs. working someplace, where you are “just doing a job”.  These relationships reduce stress.
      7. Volunteering can also aid you in your career, creating new connections and the experiences give you confidence and character. You never know where the person you meet will help you down the road.
      8. Creates gratefulness for what you have and allows you to see humanity differently.

Helping others is just good business!!  Everyone wins!

Now that we know how beneficial it is to help another, here are some ideas and reminders of things we can do.  These are easy to do when you get caught up in a busy life.  When doing these acts, remember to do it from your heart!

Here are 8 things you can do!

      1. Listen to someone. This is such a valuable gift. Oftentimes you can offer a different perspective that they had never considered, thus enriching their life.  Do you recall the time when someone took the time to listen to you?  They may not have been able to help, but you were heard and that is priceless.
      2. Smile at someone. A contagious act, which can be done all day long!!
      3. Volunteer—find a charity that you like. It doesn’t matter what that charity is the benefits that come are well worth it.
      4. Call an old friend. We lose touch with many people, and a phone call periodically raises the joy in both people.  Reconnect!
      5. Leave a dollar bill someplace for someone to find and attach a note wishing them well. By giving anonymously and without attachment, creates a sense of adventure and fun.  Try it!
      6. Buy someone you don’t know a drink or meal. This can be done when you are out somewhere by using the waitress and clerk.  Do it anonymously and watch the joy that ensues!
      7. Find someone in your community that has had some struggles and anonymously “adopt” them and leave inspirational gifts or needed items. Again, reap the benefits that this brings.
      8. Allow yourself to be served, it levels the playing ground and allows the other person to have dignity and a good feeling. Everyone wins!

When you intend to benefit others, you receive so much.

No one has ever become poor by giving.”  

Anne Frank

Featured Image by Austin Kehmeier                  From Unsplash.com

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