Dreams, Goals and Attachment

Dreams and goals are life’s treasures. Pursuing them can bring bliss and happiness. When we are chasing our dreams, minor bumps and scratches are to be expected, however when they become major challenges, what happens then? Do you continue to push through, struggle or just plain give up? If you become frustrated and want to give up, you are not alone.

Frustration primarily happens when you are attached to achieving your dreams in a specific way. Attachment to how and when it happens often leads you down a road of misery. Now, this is something you may want to avoid!

So, what is attachment?  It can be defined as when:

      • Your dream has to happen within a certain time frame.
      • You believe it has to be accomplished in a specific manner.
      • You believe that if you don’t accomplish your goal, life will not be good. You may feel dejected, out of sorts, and just plain unhappy.
      • You push yourself to exhaustion trying to achieve your aspirations.

If being attached to your dreams can create such problems, what can you do?  The key is flexibility and focusing on the journey and NOT the outcome. Letting go of achieving the end result can help you succeed in what you desire. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? But it is the truth.

Enjoying the journey of pursuing your dreams is the key. The art of living in today’s’ moments is what will bring you joy and harmony.

Here are some ideas to help you bring about your dreams and attain happiness in the process.

      • Enjoy the process and the actions of pursuing your dreams.
      • Be flexible in the route and the final destination. Yes, the dream can change!
      • Be open to adjusting and modifying any aspect of your dream

When struggle or hardship happens, it is often a message for change. Frequently you will hear “just push through.” But, at what cost do you keep pushing? This idea can easily create more hardship than is necessary.

To me, struggle and hardship are messages from the universe that something isn’t right. It’s time to re-evaluate and make changes. I venture to say, there is a much easier way.

So, what can you do when you are struggling?

      1. Slow down, look at the circumstances, and re-evaluate your situation.
      2. Take a step back and observe what is happening. Get advice from someone who is not attached or involved in the situation.  Another set of eyes can be “eye-opening!”
      3. Look for what can be learned from the situation. Then be grateful for the new perspective.
      4. If you are pushing through to attain your goal, you might look at whether you are attached to the outcome or the process. Attachment often creates heartache, disappointment, and depression.
      5. If you’re not having fun, look to see what needs to change.

Now, there will be twists and turns, but the key is to go with them and enjoy every moment.  Learn from them and recognize the gift that accompanies them.

For more information about your dreams, goals, and attachment, please see my book. “Your Personal Guidance System.”

Featured image picture by Dyaa Eldin via Unsplash.com

2 Comments on “Dreams, Goals and Attachment”

  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m someone who has been disheartened by not hitting goals in the past.

    Setting timescales is effective to encourage action, but fails to account for obstacles.

    For example trying to get a promotion I never considered my organisation restructuring impacting when I would have planned my advancement.

    Like you say learning to enjoy the process – the experience I get helps.

    Also making my goals part of a bigger system helps too.

    All the best

    • Hi James,
      Yes, I’ve been disheartened too, but when I looked back I always found that I was taken someplace much more interesting than I would have been if I had obtained my original goal! The process is much more rewarding!
      Take care,

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