Chinese Medicine and Health

Health has always been my hobby ever since I can remember.  When I was in junior high and dealing with acne, I noticed the relationship between what I ate and my acne.  The acne would improve as I eliminated potato chips and cookies.  I was fascinated by this.  Throughout my life, I would read any article or magazine that was related to health.  At work, I was often referred to as “Dr. Joan” as I usually had a remedy for what was ailing you.

The magazines soon became too basic and I started to read books on health.  It was at this point that I knew I wanted to go back to school to change careers.  My interest in my career as an accountant/CPA dwindled while my interest in health kept increasing.  I began to look at different schools to see the possible options that might be there.  Two fields of study caught my attention.  One was the naturopathic schools and the other was Chinese medicine.

In considering Chinese medicine there were two influencing events.  One was a documentary I watched on how acupuncture was used as anesthesia in surgeries.  They showed an open- heart surgery being conducted while the patient had headphones on to distract from what was going on.  It was amazing as the patient did not have any drugged effect or any of its’ side effects.  It really caught my attention.

Second, was my dog who was aging and had some trouble walking.  My holistic veterinarian recommended acupuncture.  I took her once a week for acupuncture, and it was amazing to see the change in her.  Her body would be so relaxed and she could walk with ease after each treatment.  I continued with this for some time, until one week our schedules did not work out where I could take her.  After missing 2 weeks our dog deteriorated and we decided it was time to let her go.  We were so grateful for the relief that she received and how well she did. It gave us quality time with her.

I seriously considered naturopathic schools, however, I ended up choosing Chinese medicine for two reasons.  One because of my experience with my dog.  I knew there was no placebo effect, and two, it appeared that the different subjects — herbs, acupuncture and body works –were all interrelated and tied together on one foundation. For instance, Chinese medicinal herbs and their properties are associated with the acupuncture meridians.  There is also the study of tai chi and qi gong which again are correlated with the acupuncture meridians and their properties.  It appeared to be a “system” of interrelated pieces coming together as a whole.

The field of Chinese medicine has not disappointed me.  Interestingly, doctors in China have a history of being responsible for a client’s health.  The doctor’s focus is primarily on health vs. illness. This fits in perfectly with my life-long interest in health!

I attended school in Tucson AZ and received my master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  It’s four years of study.  The time flew by as we discovered so many relationships to health and healing!  Its depth of knowledge and information seems endless.  Everything is related, from food, seasons, emotions, weather and even the directions of north south east and west are connected.  It is a life-long learning process that will continue for the rest of my life.

I continue to practice Chinese medicine today as I enjoy seeing the results that happen to my clients.  I cannot think of a more rewarding career.

Featured image by: Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

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