Vision Boards – Important to Creating Your Dreams

Are you good at creating and manifesting your dreams?  Do you give up easily or never even start?  Have you ever tried a vision board to help you?

Well, vision boards are an excellent tool to assist you in making your dreams come true. I use vision boards or a variation of them to help me focus on what it is I would like to create. An important step in utilizing a vision board is to place it in an area where you can see it daily. This places focus on your vision and helps to keep your dream at the forefront of your mind. Without your focus, your dreams fade into the background waiting for you to bring it forward.

Paying attention to your dreams is key in bringing them to reality. To illustrate this, I would like to share my story of using a vision “board” that helped me find the perfect place for my healing center.

I had the idea of creating an ideal place for a healing center.  I had some specific ideas but also had was not sure about the details. I wanted the following to be a definite part of it:

  • A place where people could connect with nature. I wasn’t sure what that all entailed but I wanted nature to be a big part.
  • I knew I didn’t want to stay in the big city as I felt for some reason that you couldn’t connect with nature as easily.
  • Then I wanted to have space for horses as I envisioned having horse therapy.

My vision board was not an actual board but was the above outline of what I wanted to create.

I talked about it to whoever would listen and it was always on my mind. At the time I was traveling to Colorado regularly to visit my mother. I enjoyed these visits and would not trade them for anything. While there, I would evaluate the places I visited for whether they might be the “right” place for my healing center. Unfortunately, every time I visited, I came back with a no. Nothing felt right.

While pursuing this idea, my husband and I would take small trips to various small cities in Arizona. We would find homes listed for sale on Zillow and would visit those to get a feel for the area. We didn’t engage any realtors as we were only trying to get a feel for the different areas.

We took many trips to small towns, some of which we had not heard of before. However, with each trip we took, nothing seemed to fit.

On one trip, we did engage a realtor as I felt I had found the perfect place. When we visited the home, it looked nothing like the pictures that were on the internet!  To top it off as we walked the property, I kept getting stickers in my pants and socks and they were “poking” me with every step. I had my answer. This was not the right place! The “poking stickers” were enough to tell me, not to consider the place.

Our search took about nine months before we found the “right” place. We took a trip to the Verde Valley with our list of homes to visit. We looked at several of the homes and none of them seemed to be “right,” however, we both liked the area for some unknown reason. When we arrived home, we both agreed that this was probably the right place.

With this in mind, we started to research this area to find out more. To my surprise, the town was located in the middle of two bodies of water. The Oak Creek and the Verde River.  These two bodies of water formed a V as they converged together.  It was as if the town was cradled by these two bodies of water. Our research confirmed that this place was meant to be.

While my husband researched the homes that were available in the area, he came across one that looked like it would be the right place.

This time we did engage a realtor. When we arrived at the house, we knew it was the right place. It had an existing corral and had trees and wilderness around it.  I didn’t realize how well it fit my dream until after we moved.

It is located about 100 yards from the Verde River. It is an easy walk from our home to the river. There is also a hill on the property that we can sit on and view the area.  We have nicknamed this as meditation hill.  There are also old mesquite trees throughout the property that gives the area a magical feeling and plenty of wildlife to entertain us.

This vision and with my focus and action, allowed it to come to fruition. I received help along the way from my guidance as I had a vision, focus, and took action. My vision board (outline) played an important role in achieving my dream.

We have never looked back or have had any misgivings about our move. In fact, it has turned out to be more than we could ever have imagined. We have fallen in love with the small town and am ever grateful for the help we received.

My vision was not concrete but had enough specifics that helped my guidance to know how to assist us. The universe took care of the things we desired and then added more!!  Use your vision boards, focus, and trust in your guidance. You’ll be amazed at the results!!

For more information, please refer to my book “Your Personal Guidance System: Unlock the door to the Universe and Experience the Magic.”

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