Are You Ignoring Your Feelings?

Have you ever dismissed your feelings and later regretted it? How often have you ignored the most important resource that you have? Our feelings, intuition and other messages are frequently discounted primarily because we have not learned their true value.

In my book, Your Personal Guidance System,” I guide you through what messages are, how to recognize them, and most importantly how to work with your unique guidance. Feelings and intuition are only a few of the ways we receive messages. Events, conversations, and even articles are some of the other ways your guidance may communicate with you.

Learning to trust and work with your guidance can save you some unnecessary headaches. What is interesting to learn is how your guidance will keep giving you messages until you get it. To illustrate this, I would like to share with you, my story of how my guidance helped me when I became disillusioned with my job.

The Job that Needed to Go!

I was working 2 days a week, traveling 100 miles to it and when I returned home, I had many projects that needed my attention.  I had become disenchanted with my job, yet, I continued to work there.

My book was in the process of being published and there were many demands.  I had questions to answer, revisions to be made, and items that needed approval before it could be printed.  I was receiving 2 to 7 emails a day that required my attention.   I normally would have taken more time to thoroughly research and answer these emails, however, I didn’t feel as if I had the time. This was a big project as it was my first book, but due to my job and time constraints, I gave it less attention than I felt it deserved.  This was the first message that I ignored.  If I had stepped back and observed my situation, I might have considered leaving the job then.

However, I did not.  I was also planning my annual trip to visit my family which took more of my time, yet again I didn’t bother to look at the job.  Then our brother suddenly passed away.  Again, I was prodded to look at my disinterest in my job, but I ignored this too!

I was overwhelmed, but I still hung in there trying to do everything.   I knew my work was not satisfying me or my original vision of what the job would be.  However, I continued to work there even though my outside life was getting to be quite overwhelming.   I did consider possibly quitting, but I ignored these feelings and messages again!

Interestingly, the day I left for Colorado for my brothers’ funeral, my boss called and left a message to call her.  This message came while I was aboard the airplane.  I arrived in Colorado, and as I sat in the airport waiting for my sister to pick me up, I returned the call.   She informed me that they were going to cut back my hours as they were going to close the clinic on the day I worked!  She wanted to know if I still wanted to travel and work one day a week for her.

My first reaction was to be upset, but then I understood that my guidance was informing me it was time to let this job go.  I had ignored all the other messages I had been receiving.  However, it wasn’t until my guidance intervened directly and cut back my hours, did I finally get the message!

Pay attention to your feelings, before your guidance does something to get your attention.

In looking back, I now understand that the first messages of disillusionment would have saved me the overwhelm and anxiety that I felt.  While I ignored my disenchantment, my guidance gave me more to do than I could handle and finally took my job away!

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