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Did you know that your feelings are messages that guide you in your life? We are often taught to ignore our feelings and pursue “logical” paths or keep things just the way they are. How often have you ignored your feelings and continued on a life that was dictated by someone else’s idea of what you “should be” doing? How often have you missed an opportunity as you ignored your feelings? Following feelings can change your life in ways you would never imagine. I would like to share my story of when I followed a feeling and how it changed my life.

I was preparing to graduate from college with my degree in accounting and I had this strong “feeling” that I wanted to leave Pueblo, CO and live somewhere else after graduation. Pueblo is where I grew up and had family and friends. However, this desire to move was very strong. I had a good life and wasn’t running away from anything; in fact, I guess you might say I was running to something!

I had no idea where this move would lead me, but there was some driving force behind this relocation. I explored a variety of different ideas while planning the move.  The first was to determine where I would go. I looked at cities where I knew people and could easily relocate there with their help. Then there was the possibility of finding a job and then relocating but these avenues just didn’t appeal to me.  However, this feeling of relocation kept haunting me and I would talk about it to anyone who would listen.  My roommate at the time, volunteered that she had a friend who lived in the Phoenix area that I could possibly live with.

Now, the name Phoenix appealed to me.  I have no idea why, as I had never been there, or had any knowledge of what was there.  There was just a “feeling” that this might be the place.  (At the time, the internet was not available and researching an area was not as easy as it is today).  So, I contacted my roommate’s friend. She already had her extra bedroom rented; however, she was willing to share her bedroom with me for a while.  She had two twin beds and it would work.

At the time, I was employed by Kmart. In preparing for the move, I advised them that I would be quitting at the end of December. When I informed them of my decision, they offered to call some stores near the home I was relocating to and give me a good reference! What a gift! I did not expect this but it made the move a bit easier.

The day came when I was ready to leave Colorado. My car was packed and I was excited to start my new journey.  That morning as I headed out the door, I needed some help in getting on the freeway heading south. I had always traveled north and had trouble figuring out where the freeway to the south was. I inquired of my dad, that morning “Can you tell me how I go south to get out of town?” As I look back, I am sure he was probably a bit concerned as his daughter was heading 800 miles to her new home. Would she arrive?

I did arrive, and as I drove into Phoenix, I was in awe. There were palm trees lining the freeway. Oh my gosh, I loved tropical areas and part of that was the landscape.  As I drove further into town, I saw flowers blooming everywhere and it was January! What a way to start my new life! I had no idea that where I was going to live would be so beautiful. Another gift. Could it get any better?

After I settled in, I called the closest Kmart near me to set up an interview for a job. I arrived at the interview not expecting much. It turned out to be amazing. They hired me on the spot and gave me a raise!  How could I refuse? So here I was in a town with palm trees and flowers in January plus a job making more money! Everything was falling into place.

My life continued to have many gifts arrive in my life while living in Phoenix and it all started with a move that was based on a “feeling.” It has now been over forty years and I have never regretted or looked back on that move I made based on a feeling!!

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Featured image by: Tom Gainor on Unsplash

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