Can a Feather be a Message?

Did you know that you receive messages from your guidance regularly?  We are often unaware of this phenomenon for two primary reasons.

      • We have not been taught that our guidance exists
      • We ignore our feelings and messages, often attributing them to luck or coincidence.

Messages are not only from our feelings and intuition but rather they appear in many ways.  I recently received one in the form of a feather- in fact, it was a black hawk feather!

Let me share my story of this feather and its’ message to illustrate one way you may receive a message.

It was Monday morning and I had an interview with a radio station at 2 pm.  In my excitement, I spent a great deal of time and effort preparing. It was my first interview for my book Your Personal Guidance System.”

That morning as part of my daily routine, I went out to feed my horses.  When I stepped into the road that led to the corral, there was a large black feather on the ground.  This was highly unusual, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a feather that big.  My first thought was that it was a raven feather, but upon closer inspection, I found it had a white tip.  Ravens are completely black so I knew that this could not belong to them.

We periodically see a black hawk sitting on the electrical pole at the back of the corral.  I wondered if it was one of theirs.  Black hawks do have a white tip at the end of their tail.  By the size of the feather and the white tip, I surmised that it had belonged to a black hawk! I truly love feathers.  When I’m outside I often find different feathers in our yard, and every time I spot one, they are promptly placed in my hair.

Today’s feather was different.  It was large and apparently from a bird that is not around a lot.  Due to the unusualness of the situation, I knew it was a message. I had previously received communication from my guidance in the form of a feather.  So, I was pretty sure they were using this feather to convey a message.  (Everyone does have help.  Your guidance will find ways to get your attention, by using something that resonates with you, to communicate its’ messages.)

I have found that hawks are often messengers, so I understood that it had some significance.  One of my favorite ways to help me interpret my messages is to go the internet and search for the meaning of whatever I have come across.  So that day I searched for the “spiritual meaning of a hawk feather.”  I usually select the first website that shows up or one that catches my attention.  That day I found the first website was called “Meaning of Feathers.”

The following is from the website

Spiritual Meaning of finding a Hawk Feather

“You are being asked to take notice of your dream state and waking state. The Universe, God, Spirit is delivering a message to you and you need to stop, breathe, and take in those messages fully. Your life is taking a turn that will lead you on the path to happiness, joy, success, and love. Stop. Listen. Write down your dreams. Listen to your messages.”

My book is about helping people gain the confidence to follow their dreams by having peace of mind knowing they have help.  The book assists you in learning how to “hear” and “recognize” your guidance when it communicates its’ messages to you.

Just as my feather said.  “Listen to your messages.  … take notice of your dream… Your life is taking a turn that will lead you on the path to happiness, joy, success, and love!”

The feather was an incredible message confirming what is contained in my book! Many people might have looked at the feather as being “cool” but would not have imagined it to be a message!

Featured image by Vignesh Kumar R B

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